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Shipping Audits
and Optimization

Some of our customers benefit from simple shipping audits to ensure they are being invoiced properly and are taking advantage of all available discounts.  For higher volume shippers, full spend analyses, RFP procurements, price renegotiations, optimization, and other techniques like zone skipping come into play and can afford our customers 8% to 12% annual savings and better control, resulting in improved visibility and customer experience. 

Network Design 

Customers with extensive and integrated logistic requirements benefit from our expertise in network design.  This multi-discipline approach to optimization requires deep domain expertise: 

  • First, Middle, Last Mile Delivery 
  • Sortation & Cross-Dock 
  • Organization Design 
  • Baselining & Recommendation 
  • SLA Management Solutions 

The Spinoff team brings real, actionable insights to our clients. 

Build & Operate Dedicated Transportation Networks

The Spinoff team has built and operated many dedicated/shared transportation networks.  When our customers share dedicated resources, the reliability, visibility, cost predictability, claims experience, and on-time performance all improve.  These network implementations allow small to mid-sized shippers to combine clout and gain advantages generally only available to the largest shippers.  Companies that avail themselves of these network types also significantly reduce complexity, allowing internal teams to focus more on core value-added activities rather than the movement of goods. 


Today, companies with weak technology have poor logistics.  Our deep understanding of the state of the art and broad relationships with technology providers allows us to help our customers implement the proper solutions necessary to address both immediate needs and future growth.  There are many steps to implement a high-performing tech solution: requirements definition (capabilities and flow), RFP and vendor selection, hardware platform implementation, development of policies and procedures, training, compliance assurance and feed-back-loop.  The Spinoff team spearheads these efforts for our clients and ensures a successful roll-out. 


Last-mile Delivery
Service Provider Program

The leaders of Spinoff recently spearheaded the roll out of a last-mile DSP program for a major multinational home improvement retailer.  This included program design, 3rd party vendor integration, development of policies and procedures, integration with existing fulfillment centers, and transportation provider selection and contracting.  Naturally, the program was designed for scalability and is projected to save the retailer approximately 20% off the cost of the delivery of products fulfilled though the DSP program while improving capacity, on-time performance, customer experience, and accountability.  There are many large retailers who could benefit from this type of program.


The Spinoff team assists PE firms in evaluating the logistics and fulfillment capabilities of target companies.  This due diligence support provides an understanding of the status of target company operations as well as a post-acquisition roadmap of how to reduce logistics and fulfillment costs and improve customer experience. 

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